Join the Family

True North is made up of more 100 vendors. We call ourselves the True North Family. We are a great group that love what we do. We support one another and shop one another too. Its often said True North has some of the BEST vendors in the industry… and we believe it!

Interested in becoming a vendor? Send an email to

Why Pick True North?

True North strives to make it easy and fun to be a vendor. We have
already established effective store and vendor communication techniques. If you ever forget any of your supplies, TN is here to help with extra tools, supplies, tags if needed. You can work on your
booth and restock almost any time or day of the week. There are multiple entrances and plenty of ample parking to make unloading easy. The store is one level which means no stairs or elevators
to struggle with.

Instant Friends

The True North staff is here to assist and your friends. We will offer merchandising suggestions (if asked), pricing opinions (if needed) and a hand to move furniture (anytime!) Your booth is what you want to make of it at True North, but we are only successful if you are successful. It’s the most flexible, and fun, part time job you will ever have! It won’t even feel like work. Plus, you are required to work a shift at the store.

Are You the True North Type?

True North is always watching for vendors selling Antique, Vintage, and Salvage. Please apply! We are a bit more selective in the handmade category. We accept applications but look for experienced vendors with finished products with terrific packaging. True North does not currently have openings for vendors selling only signs, painted furniture, crafty items, or items with vinyl artwork such as t-shirts, mugs, and does not have any openings for wholesale.

Apply Today.

We often hear, “I have so much stuff, I could fill this store.” Oh really? Well, prove it! Apply to be a True North vendor. Send an email to:

True North currently has a waiting list for vendor space, but don’t let that discourage you. Apply today and claim your spot on the waiting list. Join the True North family. Get to know us by following the True North Fan Club on Facebook and participating in one the Scout Flea Market‘s this year.

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