True North is a tourist attraction for shoppers. All ages are invited to wander, search, discover, create… and of course, shop. It’s like an indoor playground with items you can take home. All ages love True North, so bring the kids and the parents.

Each visit you can explore 10,000 square feet where you will find places to take selfies, play a video game, swing, slide, shop for snacks in the Market, sign the wall in the Happy!Space, and even watch a movie. You’ll make memories and will look forward to your next visit.

Insider Tip: Tag #shopTrueNorth when you post photos on social media. True North may use your photos in marketing or print them to post around the store. Become an instant celebrity. We love seeing how you explore True North.


Kids are always welcome at True North. Bring them when you visit. There is so much for them to do. A favorite is the free kids scavenger hunt. Ask for it when you come in. The kids search for items while you shop, and they can even win a prize! Child size shopping carts are available for our young shoppers too. A recent kid shopper gave the store an “A+” and we couldn’t be more proud!


Take a rest in the True North National Park Rest Area. Pick up some brochures; make a wish in the pond; watch to see if you can catch our 5 critters in a canoe moving, and use one of the three public, all gender restrooms. Relax at the picnic table and view the vintage slides. There’s even a free drinking fountain. We get it. The store is huge and you may need to rest.

Fun fact: the average shopper spends 1.5 hours shopping True North.


In the real world, graffiti may be frowned upon, but not at True North! We want you to see your creativity. Be sure to take a few minutes to sign the wall in the Happy!Space. There are signatures from all over the USA, plus a few from other countries too. True North visitors have traveled from Canada, Florida, Hawaii and California. Where are you traveling from?


Bring your quarters when you shop True North. Try your luck at pinball or one of the other arcade games around the store. No quarters? No worries! The friendly cashiers can give you change for your cash. Can you beat the high score? We dare you to try.


Be sure to ask for a pretzel. True North gives anyone 21 or over a free beer or beverage from the cooler with each pretzel they purchase. The best way to explore True North is with a free beer in hand.


Admission to the Blackstone Theater @ True North is always free, and movies play every weekend. If you visit during the week and a movie isn’t playing, just ask! We’ll start one just for you. It’s a great and free date idea. You wouldn’t be the first to grab a pretzel and watch a movie. The featured movie changes often. We now have popcorn for sale too. Just ask!


The new game wall in the Happy!Space is the perfect backdrop for selfies. More than 75 board games were recycled to create this 200 square foot backdrop. How many games have you played?


As seen in the movie BIG, Zoltar will give you a lot of wisdom. Put in one dollar and zoltar will give you a fortune ticket you can keep. He is located near the front check out. Give Zoltar a try and see what he has to say to you.

There is always something to see and do while shopping True North. It’s a shopping adventure for all ages. The weather outside doesn’t matter… it’s always sunny inside True North. Laugh, explore, swing and dance… oh yeah, and shop too!