History 101

Once upon a time, a husband casually suggested to his wife that they should open an antique store. Fast forward 7 years and you have True North. What started as a a casual idea has grown into a full fledged 10,000 square foot store with 100 awesome vendors.

Here’s our story.

Four Score and 9 years ago.

Well, maybe not four score, but True North was started nine years ago. Erik and Stacey decided to open a little antique store in downtown Morris. A group of 12 vendors and friends were hand picked to join the journey. Within the first year, True North had a waiting list of more than 50 wanting to play store with us. – So what did we do? Expand.


True North downtown Morris was rolling along, so the store added a second location in Yorkville. You guys, our customers, were great and shopped both locations. We listened to you and realized quickly that you’d like all the goodies available under one roof. – So what did we do? Expand. (Again.)

The Warehouse.

We stumbled upon the perfect location, a warehouse which had sat empty for years. Hence the dream of one large location was born. Both stores relocated into one large 4,000 square foot space. However the space was filled to capacity from day one and we realized a common theme. We needed more space.– So what did we do? Expand… Are you seeing a theme?

Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Within the first year, True North broke through a wall and added a 1,000 square feet of space we call the Garage. Soon after, we added another 1,000 square foot space we call the Happy!Space. Then we took a breath and thought…. we could use a bit more space. – So what did we do? Dream of expanding.

Enter: a Pandemic.

True North was rolling along, full of cool junk and awesome vendors. Then a pandemic hits. We hustled and sold items online (never again!). Our neighbor decided running their business online was a better option. So, that opened up another 4,000 square feet in our building. While it was a crazy time in the world for all us, True North decided to go for it and to expand. – We expanded. (one final time. no seriously. this is it.)

The New Space!

August 15, 2020 True North opened its new 4,000 square foot space. With more than 100 amazing vintage vendors and Midwest Makers now calling the store home, we couldn’t be more content and happy. Now we are officially land locked and going to focus on creating cool displays, adding awesome merchandise and doing all those little extras. – So, what now? Did you hear about Tribe Magazine?

Fun Fact

True North has been voted the BEST Antique Store in Grundy County since 2014… that’s 9 years consecutively! We’ve also won Best Gift Store and Best Home Furnishings, but we don’t want to brag. True North was recently been listed as one of the ‘Best Tourist Attractions for Shoppers’ in Illinois too. Come discover how True North makes shopping an adventure.

More Media.

True North has been featured in national magazines, including Flea Market Style and Junkovers, as one of the “Favorite Antique Stores” in Illinois, as well as feature stories in local magazines such as Starved Rock Country, I&M Canal Magazine and Neighborhood Tourist.

One of our favorite quotes: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so don’t waste it.” Today will be tomorrow’s history. Don’t wait until tomorrow to shop True North. The item you saw at True North yesterday and are going to think about tomorrow, will be the item someone buys today. And that, concludes your daily history lesson.

Want to become a True North Vendor?

We often hear, “I have so much stuff, I could fill this store.” Oh really? Well, prove it! Apply to be a True North vendor. Send an email to: space@shoptruenorth.com.